Rest in peace, Alexander Shulgin.

Alexander Shulgin

I owe you everything.


4 Responses to Thank you for everything

  1. milkshake says:

    A legend, and a gentle soul.

    On a related subject: by chance, do you know a Swedish hive chemist Tomas Lilius, who went under nickname Rhodium?

    • drfreddy says:

      Actually I do, or rather did. He got a lot of media exposure during the ’90s, as a generic “expert”, despite having no formal training (to the best of my knowledge). A nut-case, if you ask me.

      Edit: Said person is/was NOT Rhodium. The latter shall forever remain unnamed. Knew both.

  2. Someone says:

    Lilius was most likely an old bee, since he was involved in the same case that brought down Strike, and Lilius was allegedly contracted as an ‘expert’ on mdma manufacturing by some other bees in the ‘triple x’-case

    Now this is not any proofs that he is Rhodium, however I would really like to know Lilius nickname on the hive.

    If rhoidum=lilius it would explain alot, but I really ont want it to be true.

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