Classic set-up. Sore throat, joint pain, miserable overall feeling… first alert on Saturday evening (curiously just as I turned chipleader on the final table of a small poker tournament – very first live experience for me – fun!), yesterday truly awful all through, and a solid 38.0 °C in the left ear as I write this. (I don’t speak Fahrenheit.) I’ll be fine in 24 or 48 hours, but that doesn’t help me NOW. I use a cocktail of these (not all at once, kids) to mask/alleviate/sleep through/deny some of the symptoms…
… but… BUT – isn’t it pathetic that we don’t have a cure for the common cold yet? We have a fancy name for it, rhinitis acuta catarrhalis, but where is the killer drug to erase its existence? Speaking of killer drug, I’m now off to watch the season finale of Breaking Bad. See you on the other side.

Just one more thing. What good is a post without a solid conspiracy theory? Here we go: I’m fairly certain the neither the drug industry nor the medical profession have the solution today. I have fairly good insights in these matters. I do however tentatively propose that the US Military sits on the formula. Exhibit A: They waited a decade before they disclosed the discovery of sodium borohydride. (True story.)

I’ll leave you with these two:





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  1. Courtney says:

    I thought there wasn’t a cure yet because it was like the flu in the sense that there are numerous strains (I heard 100 or so when I was in middle school, graduating college this year.)

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