I think more scientists should engage in public forums. There are other things than DOIs and h-index, you know, that may be equally if not more important to your overall life achievements. Agreed?

Following up on this teaser posted over a year ago – yikes – I finally got my stuff together and… well, here is me on national television talking about alchemy and setting fire to some homemade black powder. It’s in Swedish, but a dear friend of mine helped me get the English subtitles right. (And yeah I know, you shouldn’t allow others to taste your lab grade alcohol, and you should definitely use safety goggles at all times. And do your experiments in a proper lab; not in some authentic 16th century vault.)



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2 Responses to Alchemy on TV featuring yours truly

  1. Daniel W says:

    Love your dry humor and style! Well played, sir.

  2. Hans says:

    Very nice! I like this show, even though Erik is a bit too much most of the time.
    You did great!

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