I am a chemist. I own a couple of mobile devices. If you must know, they all begin with lower-case i.


The question is simple. I have a few chemistry apps that I really like and use, but I have not actively looked for new ones in quite a while. These are the ones I have:

  • ACS Mobile
  • C&EN 2.0
  • PTExplorer
  • ReactionFlash
  • Reagents

So… which ones to try next? List your must-have apps for chemists! (Please, no more than two links per comment, or it will get stuck in the spam filter.)


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14 Responses to Apps for chemists

  1. Apps for chemists – which ones? Hit me! | #mobile #chemistry | https://t.co/dWy86Urm

  2. Jeff says:

    Orgoflash chemcards. Lots of content which you can download in individual packs or as a whole.

  3. Chemjobber says:

    A former colleague of mine has come up with a pretty neat drawing app: https://www.chirys.com/

    I liked it (and plan to review it soon). I’d be curious what you think of it.

  4. Strained Sulfoxide says:

    Free for all. Useful for the synthetic organic chemists!

  5. henry says:

    anyone with some android suggestions?

    i only have the ACS app and chemistry by design

  6. Dave says:

    iCantFindWork or iNeedtoChangeFields

  7. Anonalso says:

    There is an Organic pKa App and and NMR impurity app as well on iTunes. Makes it quick to find stuff vs. doing my normal google search for a pKa table.

  8. Stu says:

    I enjoy “solution calculator” for android.

    When you just can’t be bothered to work out dilutions.

  9. Alex Clark says:

    Quite a few: https://molmatinf.com/products.html

    Some are free, and others are very pwerful.

  10. A fellow grad student and I have authored several iOS apps, including a comprehensive searchable named reactions database (Named Reactions Pro and Named Reactions Pro HD) and a sophisticated molecular weight calculator, vendor search, and equation balancing tool (ChemFormula).

    Search the App Store for “Synthetiq Solutions”. We welcome feedback.

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