After unpacking today’s deliveries, one bottle stood out. The upside-down fish is creepy as hell. Also, I love the other GHS symbol that says ‘no GHS symbol’ – akin to the liar paradox – poetic almost.


So… what do you think this could be? Hint: It is not fentanyl, sarin, Botulinum toxin or plutonium. Nah, this badass mofo is a chief compontent in for instance deodorant and dental cement.

Google CAS# 7646-85-7 if you fail to figure it out.


One Response to Beware of upside-down fish

  1. J.S. Boc says:

    I like the exclamation point. Am I supposed to be astonished or alarmed about something? Perhaps it’s hearkening back to the old Aldrich labels that would list the target organs: Kidneys! Nerves!

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