Anagrams are fun.* The rule is you take a word or phrase, rearrange the letters using all of them exactly once, to produce a new word or phrase. The difficult part is to come up with something that is not complete nonsense. Today, I had a go at the titles of a couple of chemistry journals.

For example, one fine anagram of “Organic Letters” is “Staling Erector.” Likewise, “Synthetic Communications” can be rearranged to “Chaotic Scummy Intentions.”

Find below another four examples that I further processed through a popular graphics editing program.

Nature Chemistry = Manure Stitchery

Nature Chemistry anagram


Angewandte Chemie = We Cheated Meaning

Angewandte Chemie anagram


The Journal of Organic Chemistry = The Racial Forthcomings Journey

The Journal of Organic Chemistry anagram


Tetrahedron Letters = Honest Retard Letter

Tetrahedron Letters anagram


* I’d like to emphasize FUN. I mean no harm nor disrespect!


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