Spring was in the air today. Serious tidying up was in place. Unlabeled samples were trashed. Flasks, bottles and retorts were subjected to all kinds of solvents, then dried under the sun. Cobwebs were torched. At the end of the day, I even arsed myself to install electric lighting.

Yes, I find it so much easier to start a new experiment when everything is neat and tidy.

Fume hood 01

Fume hood 02

Fume hood 03


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3 Responses to Cleaning up

  1. Maksim says:

    Are those real photos of your real lab? 🙂

  2. drfreddy says:

    I actually did take these photographs this weekend. The lab, however, might have belonged to Berzelius.

  3. Maksim says:

    So, I don’t still believe one can make pentasubstituted pyridines in this ancient lab…

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