I wrote before about fake journals, or predatory publishers, which seems to be the term in use. An avid follower of this blog sent me an interesting email about a suspected fake conference. I’m attaching it here for you to judge.

Real or fake

Here we go.

"Elementary, My Dear Watson!"
The ICLLL 2015: XIII International Conference on Languages, Literature and Linguistics will be held in Oslo, Norway in July 17 - 18, 2015. The conference is organized by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology:


The most peculiar feature of this site is that, as far as I could detect, there is not one single e-mail address in it. There is a funny list of International Conference Committees at:


However, checking several of the names there with a search engine seems to lead to nowhere.

In fact, there is an entry for the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology at Wikipedia:


The entry includes several comments such as: “This article is an orphan, as no other articles link to it,” and two whole sentences. The second sentence is:

“The academy has been listed as a "potential, possible, or probable" predatory publisher.“

The comment refers to Jeffrey Beall, Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers, Scholarly Open Access: Critical analysis of scholarly open-access publishing, dated 5 November 2013. Accessed 5 November 2013. (https://scholarlyoa.com/publishers/), which has already been referred to by Pablo in this blog.

Here’s an address of a blog run by an alert scholar:


As Sherlock Holmes says: “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”


What say you?


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3 Responses to Fake conferences

  1. Elizabeth Apgar Triano says:

    Extra sad because it sounds like a cool conference theme.

  2. C says:

    Apparently, they also work really quickly, as the 17th conference takes place in Paris two days later.

    ICLLL 2015 : 17th International Conference on Languages, Literature and Linguistics
    Paris, France
    July 20 – 21, 2015

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