The sad truth is that according to my latest figures, less than 4 % of the comments here are legit. The rest is spam. Spam, spam, spam.

One thing that I find particularly amusing is how incompetent the average spammer is. This makes it easy to automatically filter off the by-product, so to speak, in my case using a home-made algorithm.

For the record, the sole purpose of flooding the comment fields is to create back-links to own our customer pages. Because… I don’t know. Five or ten years ago when search engines were less sophisticated, pages with many back-links ranked higher. It is not as simple today. Then again, the average spammer is not smart enough to notice or care that so called SEO in this form is dead and buried. Since spambots are virtually free to operate, however, I think the underlying explanation to their existence today is a big “why not?”

According to my observations on a sample size of thousands, there are roughly five types of spam, as exemplified below. I call them:

1. The Classic

This is the evergreen, simple and straightforward. Likely, comments in this category are human-made with few to zero efforts made to cover up the purpose.

NAME: Buy [worthless product] online
E-MAIL: [email protected]
URL: https://[Worthless product].com
MESSAGE: Really interesting blog, keep up the good work!

2. The Borderline

This type is difficult. I occasionally let some of these slip, especially if the link is non-commercial and somewhat relevant. A signature of the Borderline comment is that the link is provided both in the URL and the in message body.

NAME: Mr Equicoaching
E-MAIL: [email protected]
URL: https://[Poster's own homepage].com
MESSAGE: Amazing! Thanx for the info and video!! Isn't this a 'human mistake'? https://[Same page AGAIN].com

3. The Pretend-Admirer

Very common. Very robot-made. Very sent to trash.

NAME: [Product name]
E-MAIL: [email protected]
URL: https://[Worthless product].com
MESSAGE: My brother recommended I would possibly like this website. He was once entirely right. This publish actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how a lot time I had spent for this info! Thanks! I have shared your link with all my friends.

4. The Robot

Do I have to explain why I pass on these? Username is typically 8 random characters. 5-25 links in the message body. Zero relevance. Over 100 comments submitted per hour not uncommon. This, my friends, is probably what you get if buy “100 back-links from high ranking pages for $5” from one of the shady traders in the dark corners of the Interwebs.

NAME: beoixcwq
E-MAIL: [email protected]
URL: https://[Worthless product].com
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5. The Psycho

I worry for a second about the mental health of the person behind before I press “Mark as spam”

NAME: Syperumeputle
E-MAIL: [email protected]
URL: https://[Worthless product].com
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Finally, I took out the real links, but kept the original email addresses. So – feel free to spam the spammers!


2 Responses to Five flavors of flood

  1. milkshake says:

    you seem to be using WordPress – why don’t you use their Askimet spam guard, it works great. Also, you may want to set the allowable number of links in comment section to on link per comment

  2. drfreddy says:

    I do use a number of filters, of course. I couldn’t manually go through hundreds of comments a day. I’d rather not go into specifics, but my home-made system works pretty well now. I have to say yes or no to perhaps 2 or 3 comments per day, which is very reasonable. And I occasionally scroll through the spam folder to see if my filters are too harsh – but so far so good. I would like to maintain a CAPTCHA and a sign-up free environment for as long as possible, for obvious reasons.

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