This is my contribution to the competition outlined in “A Birthday Surprise for K. C. Nicolaou” over at BRSM. In short, we celebrate the grandmaster of colorful graphical abstracts with creations of our own. This is my gift to all of mankind.

First, let me clarify how I created this fine piece of art.

1. The use of an outdated version of ISISDraw helped me achieve a perfect absence of anti-aliasing. For this project, I wanted clear pixel edges.

2. The document settings were fine-tuned until I found a jaw-dropping line thickness.

3. Even if you would never believe it, I drew most of the structure free hand.

4. The colors. The more the merrier, I figured. So, I chose a distinct military green for the structure, and the individual elements where arbitrarily and inconsistently colored. The overall palette came out beautiful.

5. Hiding implicit hydrogens has always been my favorite. No one should know whether -N means amine or nitrene.

6. I took the liberty as an artist to change some of the stereochemistry.

7. Choosing font was a no-brainer. Comic Sans MS (boldface+italics) signals professionalism.

8. To give the image a sense of patina, I used an old paper background (that I tainted pink).

9. Every great graphical abstract has clip art somewhere in the image. A turkey platter came out perfect in this case.

10. For the final touch, I used a free online serve to convert the image into a gif animation. This has several advantages; one is that the number of colors is reduced to 256, but the foremost result is of course that the image moves! I went for a horizontal flip every three seconds, to highlight the importance of enantiomers.

Are you ready? OK. Dear KCN, I give you haplophytine like the world has never seen it before.

Graphical Abstract


8 Responses to Gif animation FTW

  1. BRSM says:

    I dread the day when animated images are permitted in journal TOCs!

  2. Dmitry B says:

    What does chiken means?

  3. CatalysisAlex says:

    you have too much time on your hands 😀

  4. See Arr Oh says:

    What’s that they say?
    “If you want something done, give it to a busy person”

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