In 2003, give or take a year or so, a fellow grad student showed me this hilarious paper. I’m 85% sure it was in JOC and by one of the top dogs; I mean Katritzky or someone like that. It was usually long, even for a full paper. One of the paragraphs towards the end began with – and I’m paraphrasing now:

“If you have read this long, you must be one of my students.”

I haven’t been able to track it down since. Anyone?


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5 Responses to Help me find this article

  1. Michael Barcaly says:

    Anything else you can remember about its? I’ve had a quick glance at Katritzky’s list of publications but haven’t been able to have any luck so far.

  2. drfreddy says:

    Problem is, around that time Katritzky had at least one paper in every single issue of JOC 🙂 I’m not sure it was him even. All I remember is the above I’m afraid.

  3. Michael Barcaly says:

    Think this might be a needle in a haystack situation 🙂

  4. Michael Barclay says:

    Wow i’ve spelt my name wrong twice now

    • drfreddy says:

      I have NEVER mispelted mw pwn nmae! (Especially not once in a submitted manuscript, which did not lead to confusion of any kind.)

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