Dear All,

I recently installed fresh versions of ChemDraw, ISIS Draw and SciFinder on a new computer. Nowadays these programs, and possibly many more, share this super-annoying feature (bug, if you ask me): “Hide implicit hydrogens” is checked by default.

This is lunacy. Imagine if Microsoft Word had a “hide all vowels” option enabled by default – wldnt tht b fckng grt?

All proponents of this awesome feature, would you please take a good look at this structure…

implicit hydrogens

… and then tell me whether it is

a) carbon monoxide
b) formaldehyde

I am dying to know.


4 Responses to Hiding implicit hydrogens is just stupid

  1. EJ Curry says:

    c) the backside view of a grazing antelope, or b) formaldehyde. Carbon monoxide would be represented with a triple bond, with charges probably hidden by default 😉

  2. drfreddy says:

    I wish it was that easy. Take this visual representation of iron pentacarbonyl for instance: Iron pentacarbonyl This is how many people draw it.

  3. drfreddy says:

    I should also add that in ChemDraw (at least until 9.0), if you chose “convert name to structure” and wrote “carbon monoxide”, the structure in the original post came out. If you then selected the structure and chose “convert structure to name”, the result was “formaldehyde”.

  4. Dark Web says:

    Thanks for posting.

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