To all friends and ex-colleagues at AstraZenenca, I am so sorry.

This is still too big to grasp. Allow me for now to recycle an anonymous comment posted at Biofind:

“Lions led by donkeys.”

Update Feb 3rd: Proceed directly to Chemjobber’s The Layoff Project. Seriously, the guy is a hero. He helps chemists from all over the world find new jobs.


4 Responses to I am so sorry

  1. F says:

    Thank you,
    Now the donkeys finally manage to kill us all, but the way I see it; It’s Great! Finally we got rid of them (donkeys) and now it is time to join the talent and look to to future.

  2. CatalysisAlex says:

    Thanks mate, appreciate your thoughts.
    Time for that CRO we been fantasizing about?

    PS: I can’t post from the iphone, I get an error “too little text” or similar.

  3. Son of Gashira says:

    It’s a crisis at the moment. But also the dead of dinosaurs and egoistic, non-scientifical bosses. This Dead of Big Pharma can also be the birth of New Pharma. More human and more scientific. Hopefully led by scientists.

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