I would like to try something completely new, something I have never done before, something I have wanted to do for a long time now; I would love to make a couple of guest appearances on other science and chemistry blogs. Whether you are a chemistry undergraduate with a fresh WordPress installation, or a chief ed at Nature or Science – don’t be shy! I love true scientists and good writers at all levels.

If you like the way I write, I would be flattered if you asked me to consider writing something for your page. So, my fellow boffins, I beg you to step forth in the comments field. I promise to reply to each and every offer. You have one week from today. Or so.


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13 Responses to Invite me!

  1. Maksim says:

    If only smth in Russian 🙂

    • drfreddy says:

      Ouch… I know how to write my last name in Russian though! And the mandatory bad words. In other words, zero chance of success, I am afraid.

  2. BRSM says:

    Wait and see if those Science and Nature editors get in touch, but if not, I’d gladly post anything you’d care to write. Shulgin stories would be particularly badass.

    • drfreddy says:

      Actually, one of them already did 🙂

      However, I’d feel more comfortable pulling a shady Shulgin related story over at BRSM. So, I’m on. Cool!

      All others, I said appearanceS — hit me!

  3. ThomasGD says:

    I have recently started a website about chemistry, consisting of short didactic articles (see https://12gramsofcarbon.com/the-structure-of-matter or https://12gramsofcarbon.com/the-states-of-matter).
    If you want to write such an article about a topic of your choice (That could be about organic synthesis, organic electronics, or anything you would like to popularize), let me know, and I would be very happpy to post it on my site.

    • drfreddy says:

      Love the name of your page! I bet I can think of something to post that would fit in nicely. Deal!

      Give me a couple of weeks, though.

  4. milkshake says:

    I hear that vampires cannot enter your home unless you invite them in…

  5. SGP says:

    Just started to blog broadly themed around working in a synthetic lab, if you have anything to say about it I’d gladly put it up, although it won’t be seen by too many just yet!

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