It just struck me this page is gonna celebrate its fifth birthday this year. My blogroll is seriously out of date. Holy crap, time flies…

Old and new

Admittedly, I have not been very active searching for new blogs as of lately. And the other page I maintain, ChemFlurry, needs to be updated too with today’s leading chemistry blogs. So, dear readers, I am in dire need of your help.

The goal is an amended top 25 list. The best of the best in chemistry — today. Fill up the comments below with links and a short descriptions for each entry explaining why your picks are worthy their places on the new top list. Self-promotion is encouraged!

I cannot wait to learn what I have been missing out on. Hit me hard!


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23 Responses to Leading Chemistry Blogs in 2015?

  1. Fluorine Chemist says:

    My top choices are Quintus and In The Pipeline, also occasionally have a look at Just Like Cooking and some others and also yours! Also worth mentioning ACS Green Chemistry Institute’s Nexus blog, some good stuff comes up there every now and then.

  2. tlp says:

    I love amphoteros blog (by prof. Yudin from Toronto). Lots of thoughts provoking chemistry there.

  3. drfreddy says:

    Good. More, more, more!

  4. Linda Wang says:

    I enjoy reading Chemjobber.

  5. Chemjobber says:

    I nominate Quintus, JLC, ItP (of course) and Beth Haas.

  6. Philip says: is pretty solid when he writes, in addition to those already mentioned here. is enjoyable because i love me some baran chemistry

  7. Compound Interest Reader says:

    Compound Interest

  8. Can I push my own blog, It’s the Rheo Thing”, a polymeric oriented blog?

  9. DHChemist says:

    Labsolutely would be my recommendation.

  10. drfreddy says:

    I want more! Two things:

    1) The URLs and not just the names, please.
    2) A comment with more than two URLs gets stuck in the spam filter, so if you have more, split them up in multiple comments.


  11. Jessica says:

    A little shameless self promotion, but The Capital Chemist, the newsletter of the DC local section of ACS, just launched a site in January. In addition to typical section news info, we have an Original Articles series, where folks can write about anything chemistry-related that interests them. Topics so far have included vaccines, the cost of higher ed, policy issues, and more.

  12. We’re proud to say that American Chemistry Matters is a great blog and resource for chemistry fans and advocates worldwide.

  13. drfreddy says:

    Feel free to recommend more blogs. I’ll consider all suggestions until end of March, when I will amend my blogroll.

  14. Andrea says:

    In Italy a good chemistry chem-biology blog is

  15. studyorgo says:

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  16. Studyorgo says:

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  17. Artem Volos says:

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