Do you know what I miss most about studying? Chalk. It’s been almost a decade since we last met. There’s something eternally awesome about chemical structures drawn in white chalk on a black background.

I didn’t like it when everybody began switching over to whiteboards. In fact, I have come to hate these. I don’t want to draw my structures in red, green or blue. That’s almost as gross as Powerpoint slides. Synthesis is not kindergarten.


Speaking of kids, I sure hope our new nanny doesn’t speak chemistry, because I just drew this on the small chalkboard we have in the kitchen. Tomorrow evening when I get home, I don’t want to begin to explain.


5 Responses to Nostalgia

  1. tuky tuky says:

    Indeed. Same goes for drawing structures in the back of an NMR spectra using a good old Staedler Noris n2 pencil.

  2. Acme_Rocket says:

    Was that drawn on the kitchen board with the hope that someone would pick up a few milligrams while grocery shopping? If so, I’d like to know where you shop.

  3. I miss chalk, too. The perfect amount of friction for drawing! I fondly remember my interviews for my academic job… I did every one of them as a chalk talk (back then there were chalkboards everywhere). And every lecture was done with chalk. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. Crystal Sugar says:

    “That’s almost as gross as Powerpoint slides”… You’re right U.u’…

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