I have received a number of emails from journalist from all over the world since my last post. I haven’t replied to any of those. Let me explain why – this is all I have for you today.

  • I had never heard of Emma Drinkel or Reto Dorta before this story broke. I have no ties whatsoever to any of the authors of the paper in question.
  • The last thing I wish at this point is to add further confusion by speaking out in mainstream media, anonymous or not, thank you very much. Try someone else.
  • I do have certain peoples’ contact information, but you will not get them from me.
  • I do know a thing or two more than what has been made public. Again, you will not hear them from me.
  • I am taking no one’s side – yet.
  • I am convinced the scientific community is capable of handling the situation on its own.
  • This story is not as unique as some of you might think.

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  1. Son of Gashira says:

    The last point.

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