If you have nothing good to say – you can always quote and link to others! The reason updates over here have been a bit sparse lately is not because I am slowing down (like Phil), but because I am terribly, terribly busy with my real jobs. Here we go:

I fucking love Science

If you’re on Facebook, like this page. If you’re not on Facebook, create a dummy account, and then like this page. Take my word for it. 1.1 million science nerds can’t be wrong. Example:

I fucking love Reaxys

I bet CAS Online have a whole team working on how can we make SciFinder more like Reaxys? Sure, SciFinder’s index is a million times more comprehensive, but for how long? The user-friendliness of Reaxys is something all web entrepreneurs should take a long, good look at. One detail though. Allow me to request a new (old) feature in both SciFinder and Reaxys, that is the ability to select a structure, not from the drawing window but from the hit list, and copy/paste it into ChemDraw or ISISDraw (or whatever they call it nowadays). It worked like a charm in the standalone applications, I’m sure you could make it work in the new world. By the way Reaxys, me lovez this re4ction

I fucking love KemKat

Here’s a nice addition to making the primary literature more synoptic, targeting organic synthesis for once – wohoo! Abstracts and nothing but abstracts. It’s only been up for a few days, so I expect more features to come. Anyways, click your favorite journal and browse away. KemKat.com


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