… find the money they need! The LOD Project is about $300,000 short for the moment. You must check their page out – now. Then empty your pockets on them!

For reference, here is a nice photography of Nikola Tesla in his laboratory, back in the days when things were not so formalized.

Nikola Tesla

The LOD team wishes to build something much bigger and mightier than Tesla himself ever did. Aside from the fact that they hope to pump fourteen million Watts into ten story Tesla coils, resulting in lightning arcs 200 feet in length or more, I am in love with their overall rationale: “…and find out what happens.”

Come on, together we can do this. All genuine fans of science have the obligation to land this one. I promise to donate 100 % of the ad revenues from my page during 2012 to the LOD project.

Seriously, on a good day this page has 2000 unique readers. What are the odds that just one of you happen to sit on the required amount? Make it happen!


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