This brief introduction to organic solar cells, and their potential for a very bright future (cheesy – I know), recently surfaced on Vimeo. I like it. More scientists should go out and make short and snappy video clips about their research and post it online for all to see.

And yeah, I will be returning to organoelectronics for some time to come now, if you don’t mind. In a foreseeable future, if you are still with me, you will see why and everything will make sense.

“PhD Candidate Graham Morse, working with Professor Tim Bender, has created a new organic chemical compound that has bipolar electrochemical properties. Called Phthalimido-boronsubphthalocyanines, this new material is critical to the development of organic solar cells.”

Bender’s group page is over here. Thank you!


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  1. Son of Gashira says:

    Can this be used to treat bipolar disorder?

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