After work-up, LCMS, GCMS and HNMR agree: Pure desired product. Woho!

Reaction 86

New reaction type, new mechanism (which we don’t fully understand yet), new conditions. A one-step alternative to what usually takes three or four steps, arriving at a very attractive heterocycle.

I can’t go into any details right now, but we are working on a manuscript, which will hopefully be submitted within a month. Fingers crossed!


9 Responses to Reaction #86 worked!

  1. Ame Mason says:

    Frackin’ awesome! this is great, thank you for posting the pics. What type of columns are they?

  2. Ame Mason says:

    upon closer inspection, do not appear to be columns. Would you please describe the reaction setup? Thank you

    • drfreddy says:

      A poor man’s Schlenk tube 🙂 Microwave vial capped with NS14 rubber septum, argon through the needle, plain oil bath, magnetic stirring.

  3. Ckellz says:


  4. mamid says:

    I bet your heterocycle has sulfur in it. Great work, by the way.

  5. CatalysisAlex says:

    I might have some nice schlenck-tubes left at my ex-bench which no one uses since no one really appreciates them….

  6. Ted Rahredral says:

    Poor #85. Never had a chance – those vial walls look so empty and forlorn…

  7. CTchem says:

    interesting…waiting for your manuscript…what’s heterocycle you made and temperature???

  8. […] var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true,"ui_language":"en"};Remember good old reaction #86? Our new paper about it, and a couple of analogs, is officially out […]

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