Epimerization frame 01

Epimerization frame 02

Epimerization frame 03

Epimerization frame 04

— Judging from this 1H-NMR, it looks like your product was epimerized during work-up.
— No. No. That’s not true. The LCMS is flawless. That’s impossible!
— Search your feelings, this coupling constant, you know it is a cis configuration.
— No! Noooooooooooo!


5 Responses to Stereochemical agony

  1. balaji says:

    ha ha enjoyed very much

  2. James says:

    Laughed and laughed and laughed. Great job.

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  4. CatalysisAlex says:

    Haha! You are an even bigger dork than me 🙂

  5. Dark Web says:

    Great laughter . We can enjoy the memes

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