Over the past few days, Google, Facebook, Skype, Microsoft, Twitter, yeah all the big players have come forth and stated that they have never heard of PRISM, and that the NSA certainly has no backdoors to their servers and blah blah blah.

We would like to go on record and say this: We*, Synthetic Remarks, have been licking PRISM’s ass since the early days of ARPANET. Every single reader who has visited this page since the mid ’60s has his or her devices forever infected with an undetectable trojan so sophisticated that Stuxnet is a joke in comparison.

Not only do we share your data with everyone who requests it; we proactively collect and forward all your info (including a live stream of your webcam) to all governments and royal courts worldwide. On top of that, we do our best to sell your bank logins on Deep Web forums.

We sincerely hope you don’t mind.

Orwell CCTV

* Majestic plural, again.


4 Responses to Synthetic Remarks ❤ PRISM

  1. Chemjobber says:

    For you, anything. Just keep the posts coming.

  2. milkshake says:

    Pupils should not corrupted in schools, by telling them about The Bill of Rights and so on. It is the kind of stuff that gives people wrong idea – I think you will agree it is high time that the constitution is made classified, so as to thwart the naïfs with a hyperactive Mother Teresa gene who would interpret it too literally and go on to informing the terrorists about our technical capabilities.

  3. PGMChem says:

    All hail to PRISM!

  4. demo demo says:

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