I wish I was at liberty to share more details about my own work in this forum. I can say this much: The synthetic methods described in these two papers work. Both are about new ate-complexes as alternatives to traditional Grignard reagents, butyl lithium and lithium amides in selective transmetalation/deprotonation (followed by electrophile-trapping) reactions. I must have downloaded these pdf:s 40 at least times each. Good stuff. We call them the Oshima-paper and the Knochel-paper (despite that these guys have about 1350 other papers out).

ate-complex 1
“The Oshima paper” – JOC 2001, 66, 4333–4339. (Available here.)

ate-complex 2
“The Knochel paper” – Angew. Int. Ed. 2006, 45, 2958–2961. (Available here.)

Totally recommend!


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One Response to Two dazzling papers I download again and again

  1. FF says:

    Do not forget another paper from Knochel where they use Mn instead of Mg. It is the same principle but different FG tolerability

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