On the topic of self-inflicted and irreversible brain damage caused by IV injections of crude reaction mixtures containing manganese that I talked about a couple of days ago, these are the latest news.

I contacted the corresponding authors by email in which I asked, among several things, if this phenomenon was published in English peer-reviewed journals, if the research is ongoing and if more reports are expected.

One of the professors kindly replied within an hour, at 10 in the evening I should add, and informed me that they indeed keep investigating this phenomenon, that it appears to be spreading to other countries and that these poor suckers “are desperate”, “lack basic knowledge in chemistry” and “are unaware of the risks they take.”

He told me to search for his Estonian colleague Katrin Sikk on PubMed for the latest development. Said and done, here is an open access review article in English from 2011 (and of course references cited therein). Enjoy: doi:10.4061/2011/865319

In addition, more is to be published soon. So, guys – this is for real.


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  1. milkshake says:

    I have seen this published in 2008 in the New England Journal of Medicine, thanks to “Drugs and Poisons” and “Terra Sigillata” blogs and I looked up these drug-related manganism papers back then because we were working on a Parkinson’s disease-related project and we had problems with our animal models.

    Apparently the manganese-laced drug users get CT-detectable, radio-opaque deposits of manganese in a mid-brain region that overlaps with substantia nigra and the produced oxidative stress gradually wipes out their dopaminergic neurons. After the drug use is discontinued the manganese deposits in midbrain will clear, over about a half-year period, but the parkinsonism symptoms do not improve at all.

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