Occupy Wall Street is so 2011. The time has come to OCCUPY SCIFINDER.

Anonymous, a loosely organized group with civil disobedience as their hallmark, responsible for a number of crazy things over the years, my favorite being this brawl with a Baptist Church (Bring It!), is evidently headed out of New York City to gear up against science. This is a fact. Look!

I searched for ‘Author name: anonymous’ on SciFinder…

… and whaddaya know!

Almost half a million publications already – and counting. Who would have guessed that the suit without a head had it in him?


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3 Responses to Wall Street? Yawn…

  1. Maks Fomich says:

    I guess, highest h-index ever

  2. Dmitry B says:

    the hirsh is low( the most cited anonymous paper was cited only 11 times

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